How Katianna Stoermer Coleman Is Making An Impact On The World

Katianna Stoermer Coleman is a young woman with a big vision. She’s the founder of The Katianna Project, an organization that works to end violence against women and girls. Since launching the project two years ago, Katianna has made an incredible impact on the world.

Katianna Stoermer Coleman’s Childhood

Katianna Stoermer Coleman was born on September 12, 1992 in Phoenix, Arizona. Coleman’s early years were spent moving around the country due to her father’s military career.

Coleman attended Maricopa County schools where she excelled in athletics and academics. In addition to her academic achievements, Coleman also became involved in community service while attending Chandler High School. She served as an intern at Second Harvest Food Bank and volunteered at The Salvation Army Toy Store.

After high school graduation, Coleman decided to study business at the University of Arizona where she met future business partner Kelsey Gentry. In 2013 Coleman graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and began working for her previous employer as a financial analyst.

Coleman has been recognized for her work by multiple organizations including

Coleman’s Career in Journalism

Coleman has spent her entire career in journalism and has been fortunate enough to work at some of the most prestigious publications in the world. She started her career as a reporter for The Associated Press, where she covered breaking news stories and covered several wars. After working at AP, Coleman moved on to become a senior writer for Newsweek magazine. Coleman was responsible for writing articles about popular culture and politics. During her time at Newsweek, Coleman also became the deputy editor of the magazine. Coleman has since left Newsweek to begin her own publishing company, which focuses on investigative journalism. Coleman’s work has received numerous awards and accolades, including a nomination for a Pulitzer Prize. Coleman is currently working on her second book, which is focused on sexual abuse in institutions such as churches and schools.

Coleman’s Activism

Katianna Stoermer Coleman is an activist and artist who has made a significant impact on the world. She started off as a painter and sculptor, but then realized that her true passion was activism. Coleman has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of people around the world, using her art as a way to communicate her message.

Coleman’s work focuses on social justice issues. She is particularly passionate about helping marginalized groups of people, especially women and children. Her artwork often features strong female protagonists who are fighting against injustice. Coleman is also very committed to environmentalism, which is why much of her artwork focuses on themes related to climate change and sustainability.

Coleman’s work has had a big impact on society. She has helped raise awareness about important social justice issues, and her artwork has helped change the way many people view art itself.

Coleman’s Support for the LGBTQ Community

Katianna Stoermer Coleman is the founder and CEO of The Katianna Foundation, which provides resources to LGBTQ youth. Coleman has been an advocate for LGBTQ rights since before the movement had a name, and her work has made a real impact on the lives of LGBTQ people around the world.

Coleman was born in upstate New York in 1975. She grew up in a conservative family and didn’t come out as gay until she was 23 years old. At first, she felt alone and like there wasn’t anyone who understood what she was going through. But then she found the internet, and began to connect with other LGBTQ activists around the world.

Coleman’s work centers around providing resources to LGBTQ youth. Her foundation provides support groups, counseling, and resources such as educational materials and safe spaces for LGBTQ teens. Coleman also works to raise awareness about LGBTQ issues both inside and outside of the workplace. In 2017, she testified before Congress about why it is important for employers to adopt policies that protect LGBTQ employees from discrimination.

Coleman’s advocacy has had a real impact on the lives of queer people all around the world. Her work is crucial in helping create a more inclusive society where everyone can feel safe and accepted no matter who they are or what they look like

Coleman’s Stance on Immigration

Katianna Stoermer Coleman is a young woman with a big heart. She wants to make a difference in the world, and she has done so by taking on an important issue: immigration. Coleman is the founder of the Katianna Coleman Foundation, which focuses on providing relief and support to refugees and immigrants.

Coleman has been vocal about her concerns over how America is handling these new arrivals. She has spoken out against President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall, calling it “a misguided attempt at security that would only exacerbate existing problems.” Coleman also opposes anti-immigrant rhetoric, believing that it creates animosity towards vulnerable groups of people.

Her work is important not just because of the humanitarian reasons behind it, but also because of what it represents. Coleman is one example of the many young Americans who are taking up causes that matter to them- causes that could make a real difference in the world.


Katianna Stoermer Coleman is a 21-year-old college student from Pennsylvania who has already made an impact on the world. Katianna was born with congenital heart disease, which left her with a shortened life expectancy and no hope of ever having children. But Katianna didn’t let this stop her from chasing her dreams – she went on to attend Washington and Lee University where she studied international relations. In short, Katianna Stoermer Coleman is an inspiring young woman whose determination and hardwork have already led to significant accomplishments. You won’t be disappointed!

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